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Monday, December 20, 2010

Forces Of Nature

The day before was really tiring, strange and scary at the same time. There was a pretty short thunderstorm which caused floods everywhere and most ironically my house which is on a hill. We thought it was just another flood that we would usually get when the drains were blocked by leaves but we saw that everything was covered in thick mud and it looked suspicious.

A small portion of the bottom part of the retaining wall behind my house had cracked (possibly because there was too much water retained within it because of some flaw in the design) and gave way to a large amount of rocks and soil which filled the drains around my house and flowed all over the driveway and made its way down the hill.

A lot of water had also flowed into the house and filled everything but a small portion of the living room. It took an incredible effort from the family to shovel, sweep, scrape and mop various parts of the house. We worked non-stop from 3pm to 9pm. Bernard came back at 6pm and helped as well.

Thank god the water didn't touch anything electrical and the most damage it did was on some wooden cabinets that got partially ruined. Now there is the bigger issue of that retaining wall which my parents are contacting the right people to come and repair.