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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Noir Et Blanc

A couple of weeks ago, Mahira, Ikhwan and I decided to bring our friend Nerry for a night time portrait session. It was really close to exam week so I didn't have much time to go through all the photos after the shoot. Now that exams are over, I can finally upload these. 

These photos were shot at a driveway to a parking complex and well, we had to dodge the cars that were occasionally driving up and down the road. It was pretty funny actually. But maybe not to the drivers because I'm sure I caught some of them looking annoyed as they drove by.

This is the first time any of us used wireless flash photography outdoors and at night so we all made rookie mistakes. It was good experience for all of us and hopefully now that the holidays are here we could build on that. Credits to Mahira and Ikhwan for helping out with the lights and model poses as well as Nerry for being our model.