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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trip to Kundasang & Ranau

6 Person Max :O

This family trip we took was intended initially to go to Perkasa Hotel, Kundasang to view Mount Kinabalu, but when we got there the weather or timing wasn't the best because it was raining, foggy, and worst of all the entire mountain was shrouded in clouds. We couldnt wait there the whole day hoping for the clouds to move so then we set our sights to the Kinabalu National Park, where we had lunch, after which we decided to go to the Poring Hotspring in Ranau. We entered the Canopy Walk there which is a 1km trek through the jungle, having to climb lots and lots of steps up the hill and then having to walk through bridges suspended on trees towering probably 100 feet above ground [really scary] which would occasionally sway when walking across and then walk down more steps to get back. It took us an hour and a half just to get through that 1 km and we were exhausted.


Lynne said...

Hey Jeremiah--gorgeous!

black magic woman said...

beautiful..simply beautiful.. :)

Jeremiah said...

thanks :D

zomgdianna said...

I really like the 6th one down and the second to last photo. Awesome job! :D