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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip To Kudat [The Tip Of Borneo]


Boy villager.
Boy villager.
I have no idea how long it took to make a gong this huge.
A very ambitious buffalo.
This is probably the nicest water puddle I've ever seen.
They make and sell beads here.
The Longhouse.
Scene outside the Longhouse.
Scene outside the Longhouse.
Finally at the tip of Borneo.

A panorama image of the tip of Borneo.

Long story short, we stopped by a few places on the way to Kudat which started at a gong making factory. We got ourselves a few souvenirs and saw some pretty large gongs. After that, we made our way to a bead making factory, bought a few things, and set out to a Longhouse where we had lunch prepared by the residents in the village. [Fried Fish, Vegetables, and Rice] yum!. They were more than happy to have visitors stop by. Feeling rather full, we said our goodbyes and continued the journey to the tip of Borneo. After hours of sitting in the car feeling a little sore and in serious need of a restroom, we reached our destination and we were treated to a view of the ocean which I dont think any certain word or any of the pictures I took there could have done it any justice.
when we were done taking in the view and some pictures, we had a drink at the cafeteria and started the long journey back home.


black magic woman said...

i like the scene outside the longhouse :)

Jeremiah said...

haha yeah but my fave was the buffalo. hahaha

zomgdianna said...

Awesome photography!
Love the kid photos & the last one :)