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Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is a photo my sister took from a futsal match in January. She also recorded parts of the match on video.

The first video below is of me scoring a goal and the second one is of me lobbing the ball for Bernard to head in. The third video is of me almost scoring (the ball hit the post) =x

The videos also has a leave red effect. I'm starting to get the hang of video editing :D (Too bad the video lacks quality)

There hasn't been much going on recently. Except for PES 2010. I finally found a foolproof way to beat Brazil using Spain in professional mode. Own3d. Cant wait for the world cup.

I also can't wait to play futsal but my final exams are once again looming into view.

Finished off in Style ;p

Cracking header xD

Off the post =x