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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My midterms are finally over, and all that remains are my group assignments and a postponed quiz. Forgive me for bringing up the boring subject of the weather but the past couple of weeks have been horrible. I almost fell sick several times but luckily I didn't [which is rare, but i'm not complaining].

Today seemed to be the hottest day that I have experienced in a long time and the heat seemed to almost completely drain away my energy. The only good thing that seemed to happen recently is that my ankle is drastically improving. It's been feeling the same for so long and thank god my prayers have been answered. A week or two and It should be back to normal.

If you were wondering what the first picture is about, the dark round object on the leaf is actually a spider :) It caught my attention as it was moving through the air on a web and onto the leaf.


Kath_79 said...

Like totally, the weather is really strange this few days. Too hot, sometimes too cold =.=

Jeremiah said...

Crazy huh? I wonder if it's going to take a turn for the better or worse