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Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Harm's Way

Chester got into a fight with some other dogs in my neighborhood a few days ago. He came out worst after being attacked by three dogs. Luckily, Ki Choy was also there to help when it all happened.

I just arrived home with Ki Choy and my sister when the three dogs made their way towards our house gate and tried to pick a fight with Chester and Happy from the outside. They somehow caused the gate to slide open and Chester was the first to run towards the three dogs and right behind him was Happy who bravely followed him into the fray.

I was still in the car as I saw the both of them running out of the house. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I panicked and jumped out of the car. Ki Choy and I ran straight towards the dogs to stop them fighting. Of course it is dangerous to run straight into a dog fight but there was no time to waste.

After it was all over, Mum and my sister applied medicine on Chester's wounds. Happy was barely injured.

A few days have passed and Chester is much better now :)