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Friday, July 30, 2010

UPC Outing to Kuala Penyu

The trip to Kuala Penyu was absolutely amazing. We had so much fun, there wasn't any time for rest.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves thanks to the hard work from the committee and all the members who made the outing a success as well as Quenie for her excellent modelling work.

This is my favorite shot from the outing. The dark cloudy sky added a sense of high dynamic range to the photo as diffused sunlight from the left gave a very soft feel to the image.

Note: Ki Choy's blog is going to be active again. He's got tonnes of photos to upload and God knows they have been collecting dust in his hard drive ;) Be sure to check out the blog soon.


Ki Choy said...

this is definitely my favorite from this trip's photo collection of yours... the lighting looks very balance. It does looks like med format from far.. hahha.. its really nice... 2 thumbs up:)

Jeremiah said...

thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for promote my village

Anonymous said...

Kuala Penyu always have the best sky ahead..plus check out during night, u cn feel how close the star with you!!!i missssssssssss home..TQ blogeer for the pic...it make me close to home