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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inside These Lines

These water droplets were shot with my camera kit lens held in a reverse position towards the camera. It allows for a really short minimum focus distance to achieve a sort of macro lens effect.

The only trouble is that you wont get auto focus, you cant adjust the aperture and you need a lot of light if you don't want your pictures to turn out blur.

I'm so bored. I can do so much better than this. I just don't have what I need :(


iLikeToWrite said...

These are great shots! Very stunning! I am curious about the technique you describe, was there another lens on your camera and you held the kit lends in front of the attached lens?

Jeremiah said...

Thank you so much :D well all you have to do is leave the camera without any lens attached and just hold the kit lens in the reverse position towards it. I used live view to compose the shots while setting the camera on manual shooting mode to adjust the exposure.

The wider end of the lens will allow for much closer shots compared to the zoom end :)

Ki Choy said...

nice J...:D aku suka

Mahira's Photography. said...

awesome :)

iLikeToWrite said...

Very cool! I'll have to try this out later today maybe! Keep up the awesome work! :D

Jeremiah said...

thanks guys :D