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Friday, September 24, 2010

Lightning Storm

If you live around Kota Kinabalu, then you might have noticed yesterday that there was a lot of lightning in the clouds which lasted almost the whole night.

I was in the car when I snapped this photo. It was pretty difficult to do because the car was constantly moving but I kept shooting every time I saw a flash in the clouds and luckily enough I caught this one with some lightning. I did catch more photos with lightning but they were too little or just blurred.

The lightning came around at random intervals of around 3-7 seconds apart. With very little or no thunder most of the time from where I was viewing it.

Shutter settings used were 1/25 at f/2.2 @ ISO 1600


Mahira's Photography. said...

hehe. the lighting looks like octopus tentacles. cool pic btw :D

Jeremiah said...

I think that was because it was only the beginning of the lightning :D The shutter must have closed right before the lightning was over.

Joanna said...

So freaking cool~~~

Jeremiah said...

thanks jo :D