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Saturday, October 15, 2011

UPC Photo Shoot

Some photos from the UPC photo shoot last friday. It was done with a black theme to go with the new backdrop. It was great fun. We were using two lights for most of the shoot. I'm happy with the way they turned out despite having very little experience with multiple flashes in a studio environment.

The models did exceptionally well and big thanks to Mahira for helping out with the make up and our club advisor, Mr. Zain for helping us out so much recently and brought the flashes for this shoot. Thanks to everyone who came and helped out around the shoot as well. The rest of the photos will be posted on the Facebook group.


robin said...

Great control and balancing of light, though taken with flash units.
However, why was there wind in the room? I see hair flying LOL.

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Robin :D The wind effect was made by one of us using a reflector. hahahaha