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Sunday, October 2, 2011

World Animal Day 2011 (Lok Kawi Wildlife Park)

These are photos from the World Animal day event at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Five Miss Earth Sabah 2011 Finalists including Miss Malaysia Earth 2009 Mandy Nandu were present to support the event. The finalists performed a catwalk with their original Eco dresses from the Miss Earth Sabah 2011 Final


Robin Wong said...

When I saw the words "Animal" and "Wildlife" I was expecting real animals and wildlife, little did I know there were actually chicks in fashion shows !!! Unexpected by pleasant surprise indeed.
Great handling of difficult harsh lighting.

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Robin! It did occur to me that the title might be a little misleading! hahaha.

And yeah the lighting condition made it tough but I simply adjusted the settings to expose the models properly. I knew from experience that it would not have been any better for this specific situation if I underexposed and pulled the details back up in post.

That would just make them look horribly unnatural :O