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Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding : Chung & Theresa

These are some shots from the recent wedding I joined to shoot with Richard and Willie. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was the first time I have been to a full traditional Chinese wedding. I was tasked to shoot from the groom's house earlier during the day and later joined the rest as the groom's family headed for the bride's house. After the traditional activities were done, we continued to a chapel where the wedding ceremony was held. Congratulations to the newly wedded couple!

On another note, the little dilemma that I was in has ended as I can only take four subjects this semester. The extra subject that I was going to take was prioritized for final year students and basically the system removed it from my registered subjects list, and other subjects on offer clash with each other (maybe it's some sort of a sign).


robin wong said...

Very nicely done !!! The photograph of the couple kissing being surrounded by the congregation was really good. Usually the newly weds would just kiss in front of the church.

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Robin! :D