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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sensational Seas Of Sabah Book Launch

Some photos from the Sensational Seas of Sabah book launch at the Star Marina of Shangri-La Tanjung Aru. 

"Created by Scubazoo - A world renowned team of wildlife photographers and filmmakers takes you on a voyage across three seas to the region's top scuba diving locations, introducing the incredibly diverse marine ecosystems that Sabah has to offer. Divers and snorkellers will be astonished by the wast array of marine species thriving in Sabah's waters which makes for some unforgettable experiences - Graceful Manta rays gliding over your head, A huge Whale Shark feeding on plankton and schooling Hammerhead Sharks cruising in the deep blue off the deep walls of an ancient coral atoll. 

Sabah's pristine reefs covered in colourful hard and soft coralsare home to some of the most bizzare creatures which have to be seen to be believed, from tiny Pygmy Seahorses, to mesmerising Mimic Octopus, or even a Rare Weedy Scorpionfish. Besides being a vibrant habitat for a phenomenal mixture of marine life, these rich seas provide food and livelihoods for many Sabahans. Therefore, ongoing conservation projects and raising public awareness about environmental issues is absolutely essential to ensure future generations live in peace and harmony with Sabah's precious areas." - Sensational Seas Of Sabah

The book contains words and photography by Jason Isley, Gilbert Woolley, & Christian Loader.


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