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Friday, June 5, 2009

Flash Portraiture: Starbucks [Joanna]

At one borneo (Starbucks), after printing out pictures to display for our photography club membership drive the following day, Me, my sister, Joanna, and Ki Choy were bored and suddenly we decided to take portraiture shots of Joanna.

It wasn't long before one of us [we don't really remember who] came up with the idea to use the pop up flash from another camera to create a sort of improvised remote speedlite [Flashgun]

if only we had a 580 EX II...

so anyways, Ki Choy used his camera to create the flash and I used mine obviously to take the shots. It took quite a few shots to manually synchronise the flash and the shutter on my camera.They turned out surprisingly good. :p


Anonymous said...

Really interesting portrait session. i like how creatively you have taken care of light problem! :)
Photographs look nice!

Jeremiah said...

thanks :)