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Saturday, November 21, 2009

With Lives to Spare

It has been long overdue for an update but I have been really busy with this semester's final exams.

Apparently, not busy enough to take pictures :p

This morning, as I was about to turn on the computer, I heard my dogs, Happy and Chester barking in a strange way, so I ran downstairs to check on them if they were attacking something or something was attacking them.

When I found them at the back of the garden, they were both inside the drain trying to attack something. I heard hisses and I thought it was a monitor lizard. When I got closer to break up the fight, I saw to my horror, a Cat was held in Chester's mouth. I yelled at him and he dropped the poor cat.

The adolescent cat moved to safety as I tried to hold the dogs back. Happy came closer to try and attack but I grabbed a fistful of her fur and shoved her back until my sister had come to chain the both of them.

I examined the cat and to my relief, there was no blood, but just mud covering the frightened cat.
It was raining the night before so the drain still had some mud that hadn't dried up. I got the camera and took a several pictures of the cat. Apparently the cat had a DIY collar that comprised of a thick string and a bell.

After I was sure that the cat was okay, I brought it out of the house compound and left it at hill nearby the immigrant houses that were higher up the hill. My sister kept watch outside to make sure the cat didn't enter the compound again and soon saw the cat going up the hill towards the houses.

The cat can count its lucky stars that I quickly came to check what was going on, otherwise it would have been a brutal mess to clean up. :s

Meanwhile, I'm trying out this new watermark I made. It's much simpler than the other one. But I think I like this one better.


Kath_79 said...

Amelia's close friend here, haha! Anyways, love your pics. Very talented in photography^^ Envy you LOL I'm currently following your blog now, so all the best!

Jeremiah said...

thanks Kath :D appreciate it :)

Kath_79 said...