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Sunday, February 14, 2010


The Chinese new year was greeted with hundreds of colorful fireworks sent exploding into the night sky. The spectacular display lasted for quite a while as people from all over the city were using up as much as they could for that very moment, as if competing with each other ;p It really sounded as if it was war.

This is actually my first time capturing fireworks :)

These are some of the fireworks that I captured. Before and after the new year. A couple of the photos have black lines across them because of the power lines that were outside my house. The second photo appears to have a spiralling effect because of the camera shake.

The photos are all taken at 5 seconds shutter on a tripod [except for the third photo which was hand-held with the shutter at BULB] with the aperture at f/14 with my 18-55mm kit lens.


black magic woman said...

amazing shots.you just keep getting better!

Jeremiah said...

thanks :D