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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Front Cover Shoot (Smash Magazine)

The second day shoot continued in the afternoon at the top floor our University campus (We had permission to use it) where we needed studio style photos for the front cover of the magazine assignment (Refer to previous post). FYI there is no studio in our campus, we just needed a large room with white walls :)

The lighting idea for this one was simple with a little improvisation just like the previous shoot. A Canon 430 EXII speedlite mounted on camera, but pointed at a white styrofoam board on camera left to reflect diffused light towards the model. It would have been much easier if I had a transmitter and reciever to use the flash off camera but this was all I had to work with.

The hair blowing effect was created by waving another styrofoam board close to the model like a fan. We spent a total of 4 hours for this shoot (most of which was spent on test shots and model make up). I was really happy with the results, seeing as I had limited equipment.

It was difficult trying to adjust every setting according to trial and error but once I found the proper exposure, everything fell into place and they started to look better. I chose this one to be on the front cover.

The amount of extra effort we spent on getting these photos was actually unnecessary because the assignment didn't require for that much work. Having said that, it was real fun during the shoot, I learned a whole lot and gained experience from it and would like to thank everyone involved for an awesome job.

Update: Admittedly the quality of the magazine printing didn't do too much justice to the photos. But at least it most probably topped the other students' assignments ;)

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Model: Ayda
Make up: Ayda


Joel said...

cool and awesome like always jer!! where can i buy this magz? lol!

Jeremiah said...

thanks Joel :D hahah! its way too expensive xD

Mahira's Photography. said...

Nice :) Only the font is a bit to small to be a magazine man :p brilliant lighting btw :D

Jeremiah said...

the magazine was printed in A4 so the size was just right :D Thanks :p

Sasa Al-Sharif said...

u forgot to place the price & barcode. i mean the the magazine :)

Jeremiah said...

@sasa: I knew there was something missing! haha!