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Monday, November 22, 2010

True Self

Me and Bernard were walking around Lintas one night and came across a shop lot that was under construction.

The place was pitch dark but I had the external flash that I borrowed at the time so I bounced the flash off the ceiling to create an indirect source of light.

The flash used was a Canon 430EXII. I am looking to get one for myself but I will have to save up some money first :D

Note: I might not be able to post too much till after my exams which will end on the 5th of December


Ki Choy said...

mmmm... love the feel.. the title is not bad too.. :D

ikh.hassanat said...

garang also si bernard..haha..XD

Jeremiah said...

@Ki Choy: thanks :)

@Ikhwan: lol