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Friday, January 15, 2010


This is Ikhwan, and this photo was taken outside of his house. The actual picture was of him jumping onto a white wall, making it look like he was thrown onto it :D

The edit was incredibly simple, but time consuming. There was a lot of layer masking and the really easy part was making the bullseye itself.

The new semester in uni has just begun and I quickly find myself exhausted again. It's not that we have been given that much work to do, its just that I don't get enough rest.

Today was fun, after class at uni and a little discussion with the committee of our UNITAR photography club, we found ourselves jamming at Ikhwan's house.

After that, we went outside to take pictures around the house, while getting attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes which probably saw us as dinner :S

It got dark very quickly as we were taking photos so Ki Choy and I decided to call it a day and went home.