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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Okay where should I begin... First of all, I hate to post things in my blog that have barely anything to do about photography, But what happened at YOYO Lintas really wound me up so I'm posting this anyway.

It all started when Ki Choy, My sister, and I decided to buy some buns from another shop and decided to eat it after ordering drinks from YOYO. Seeing that the signs on the wall only showed "No Smoking", "No Spitting", and "Keep Clean". We thought we were free to eat the food that we bought because we were hungry.

As we were eating, the staff were walking up and down staring at us and when we were halfway through eating, one of them suddenly decided we should stop.

Honestly, He She [really looks like a guy] suddenly came to our table and said in a annoyed tone " Hello, tidak boleh makan itu di sini."

Translation: "Hello, you cant eat that here."

She turned around to walk back as we put down our food reluctantly. Then we said " But there isn't any sign that says no outside food allowed "

She spun on the spot to face us again and said in an incredibly rude and provoking tone " Tapi di bawah ada tanda tidak boleh bawa makanan luar".

Translation: "But there is a sign downstairs saying that outside food isn't allowed"

I gave her a disgusted look as she was going back downstairs. We never saw that sign.

Grumbling and annoyed, we put away our food in their plastic bags and left them on the table while discussing loudly about how the staff should be treating customers. The staff members kept peeking from the counter, the stairs, trying to make absolutely sure we don't sneak another bite.

I was too hungry and angry so I walked outside to eat my food while facing the staff from the outside of the window while occasionally giving them the sarcastic "thumbs up". Some of them looked guilty, some didn't bother to look. The rude staff didn't appear again upstairs.

As I continued eating outside, the lady from the little "yoyo bakery" downstairs came upstairs to put up a new sign.

Ki Choy took some of these photos with my camera.

Here I am eating no more than 1.5 metres away [outside] from where I was sitting.

The initial signs

The new signs

Lady from the "yoyo bakery" downstairs. Didn't even bother to look at us. She must have hated the fact that we didn't prefer the Croissants she made.


Mahira K.M. said...

Shittt...hahaha next time dont eat there at all la. yoyo cp pun kurang ajar. I keep on asking myself dari dulu lg why on earth do people love yoyo that much?? sedap pun ndak, biasa jak. oh and kudos for taking her pic, everyone should know who is the one you're referring too haha XD you shouldve eaten the bread cepat2 inside bha, no sign at the beginning right? XD

Jeremiah said...

hahaha yeah its not because the drinks are good that we go there. Its because we dont have any other place to hang out with air conditioning. hahahahaha. But yeah that photo isnt the rude lady, its another person...

Kahlilia said...

I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.



MsMusicJunkie said...

lol dont u wonder why people arent allowed to play chess?

Jeremiah said...

I have no idea... then I wonder if monopoly is allowed... they probably just suck at chess hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Happens all the time. And literally all the time ><