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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Only Time Can Tell

The past week has been interesting to say the least. My mum's car broke down in the middle of the road while I was on the way to uni. It had to be towed and sent to the workshop. We then borrowed another car, but that one eventually found its way to the workshop as well after only a day of use.

I forgot I had a test today during Critical Thinking class but it was more than manageable. There was only multiple choice questions in it. The waiter got my order wrong twice this morning at the restaurant so I just ate whatever he gave because I couldn't wait any more.

I also said goodbye to my friends after breakfast and was on the way home when I realized that I forgot to pay for what I ordered.

Oh and I ripped my shirt sleeve on a metal wire when I got home :\


black magic woman said...

Time waits for no man ..