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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When Skies Are Blue

Mahira brought me on a photo shoot last Monday with Nadine as the model. I went nuts when we got to the location :D It looked amazing and was a great change from the usual but it was too bad that we couldn't stay as long as we liked to. We went quite a way away from the theme but this has to be one of the best photo shoots to date, the only problem was that the sun was scorching hot. 

Mahira and I took turns to hold up the reflector during the shoot. I was really psyched up about getting the blue sky in the background so we went higher up the rocky hill.

It was really bright on the day so it made it difficult to get consistent lighting on the photos. Big thanks to Nadine for going out in the sun for us and Mahira for bringing us to this place. I cant wait go back again.

It was a great day overall, totally worth the sunburn :)


Anonymous said...

this is one of the bestesesses hahahahahhahahaha

Mahira's Photography. said...

GAH! curse you for having photoshop while I dont....yet. lol Awesome photos if I do say so myself ;) and I didn't realize her makeup can be seen so nicely here! :D and the lighting looked good :)

but seriously. UM-BRE-LLA, we must bring. next time. XD

overall...Awesome photos Jer! :D :D

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Mahira :D

And yes we shud bring umbrellas. lol.

I don't fancy getting sunburn there again :)

Joel said...

nice jer, the tone was really awesome. Did you use speedlite? anyway, I like the composition. All of them

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Joel :D I did bring a speedlite but I didnt use it. We used reflectors only.

So glad you noticed about the composition, I was focusing on that the whole time :D

Jessica said...

first word. WOAH! Nadine is so sexy here! Awesomely captured pictures and the compositions are perfect!

Gila panas oh the weather!Kesian you all :D

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Jessica :)

yeah it was really hot but it's all good. lol