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Monday, April 4, 2011

Power to the People Party 2011

The event was held last Friday at the Tanjung Aru first beach and was focused on the environment and "Sustainability" as its theme. It showcased organic foods, renewable energy and a chance for the public to donate to Mercy Malaysia Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami Relief Fund. The event offered the public a better understanding of on-going work by citizen movements and non-governmental organizations such as the SPCA which were also present.

It was a great party and hundreds of people came to show their support. It was 5.30pm when it started. We were there to help out the SPCA booth but I went around and and usual, took lots of photos. I met many friends and I was really surprised to find out that Emma Thompson was there. We took pictures with her as did many other people. My mum, who was carrying the SPCA donation box almost dropped everything in excitement when she saw her.

After sunset, the lights came on the large stage and a few prominent Deejays like DJ Atama Katama started the music and invited the people to dance. Michelle Koh was there as the dance instructor for the crowd. It was a great party and I had a great time there :)

I will post the rest of the photos in my Facebook soon. I just need more time to make sure I haven't missed any good ones and I will also post my favourite photos in the next post :p