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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looking Up

This is Mahira in the photo. I shot this in the Elusion restaurant at the Courtyard Hotel on the same day as this shoot. It is a really nice looking restaurant and the food was great. We were just checking out the restaurant as it seemed like a good place to hold our photography club annual dinner.

I have been busy again. I'm starting to think that people no longer believe me when I say this because I have been very slow with my assignment work and there has been a lot going on lately that I just feel too tired and simply unable to complete everything that I need to do on time. I hate short semesters.


Maldini Sidney said...

wow nice tone , nice shot :)

Jeremiah said...

thanks :D

Mahira's Photography. said...

nice tone...ugly model. ughh dude retouch the pimples pleaseee lol XD

Jeremiah said...

Thanks :) It is done :p

ikh.hassanat said...

nice pic man..yeah i hate short semesters too..=(

Jeremiah said...

thanks ikh :D I cant seem to make time for stuff I want to do at the moment *sighs* just waiting for everything to clear up.