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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nikon Photo Contest 2011

Here are some of my favourite photos from the Nikon model photo shoot at Warisan Square in conjunction with the opening of their new showroom. The photo shoot was a competition free for all photographers to join. The models provided for the event were dressed with a Casual, Cultural, and Beach theme on different sessions. It started on the 21st July (Thursday) and ended on the 24th July (Today). I did get photos of all the themes but this theme (Casual) will be the only one I'm going to post here.

I would like to note that I was really out of my element here shooting with an extremely large group of photographers clamoring for the model's attention, people accidentally knocking my lens and constantly blocking my view that I sometimes just stop to take a look at the nice equipment all the other photographers were using.

I prefer shooting with a very small group where there aren't too many distractions. I also felt incredibly rusty during the shoot because it has been a while since my previous shoot.This week has been one of the worst ever because all of the things I had to do were stacked so close to each other that I guess I could only thank god that everything is complete. for now. (I still have a group presentation during class tomorrow).


Christy said...

Love the first of the three photos posted! The coloring is great!

Anonymous said...

Nice Jeremiah.Keep it up :)

Jeremiah said...

@christy & anonymous : Thanks :D appreciate the comments.

Maldini Sidney said...

i love all of the shots ! enjoyed viewing it J :)

Jeremiah said...

Thanks mal! :D

Robin Wong said...

I like the way you compose your image, and how you present your images, they are always clean and pleasing to look at.
I agree with you, I too, do not like shooting in large group of people fighting for the model's attention and clashing lenses. Photography is not about competing with each other and lose all decency in the process of shooting.

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Robin! And yeah that's absolutely true :)