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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year Of The Dragon

Ikhwan, Mahira, Brenda, my sister and myself decided to go out for our first photo session in months. We've been very busy with exams and now we finally have the time to go out. We returned to the same rocky hill that Mahira, Nadine and myself went to in a previous post this time with a chinese theme for the coming Chinese New Year. We arrived late and we only had very little time before we started to feel the scorch of the midday sun. 

We spent a total of 40 minutes there and there really wasn't enough time to work on every pose in detail. Everything was rushed because we just wanted to get out of the sun as soon as we could. I felt so rusty because of the lack of portrait sessions. Still, I'm glad that we had the opportunity to go out together and credits to my sister for being the model and everyone else for all of the help provided throughout the shoot.

Note: I forgot to mention that the fans were actually red. I just changed them to match the color of the dress :)


TianChad Chen said...

Like your photos as usual =) Keep it up!

Jeremiah said...

thanks Tian! :D