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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!! [Warehouse Photo Shoot]

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's already 2010 and I'm turning 20 very soon.

I feel old :p

On December the 28th 2009, me, Bernard, Ki Choy, Ikhwan, Gabby (Gabriela), Trish, Darryl, and Cheryl (my sister) went for a photo outing. The plan was first to go to the grassy, dried up used-to-be swamp area right beside Mesra Alam.

The place, at first glance looked like the perfect place for a photo shoot. Turns out I was wrong. Seeing as it used to be a swamp area, the earth was quite soft. Almost like walking on the squishy (not wet but just squishy) sand area of a beach. The weather that day was not the best and I too was not on my game as I was feeling completely uninspired.

It was incredibly hot. And at the same time, the sky was covered with grey clouds. We only lasted there for around 10 minutes before we decided we should move to another location for a shoot. Ki Choy saved the day as he discovered a warehouse area that we could use nearby the city.

The area was shaded and cool. We had so much of fun there and I got my inspiration back. The actual theme that I had in mind was sort of a masquerade style shoot, but I didn't have enough money to get the more nicer looking masks so we settled to using the masks that Bernard had in his house.

The shoot turned out to be a great success and big thanks to Gabby and Trish for being the models for the day, Thanks to Darryl for being funny :D , and huge thanks goes out to Ki Choy for saving the day, and for the ability of his car to be able to smuggle all of us around town xD

Following recent advice, I reduced the amount of post processing in the photos than I otherwise would have done. Sometimes I just edit the colors too much and don't realize it. I tend to overdo things when I discover something new.

One photo I would like to highlight in this post is the fourth photo from the top. It shows clones of Bernard and Gabby. It has been a long time since I have been wanting to do clones in photos and this is my first try. I wonder why it took me so long to have a go at it. I'll be definitely trying out other scenes with clones as well.

Before this post turns into a novel, I just want to end this post again wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2010!!