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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SPCA KK Exhibition One Borneo 20th Dec

Okay so this update is really huge. These are 19 photos from the SPCA KK Exhibition in One Borneo on the 20th of Dec 2009. The exhibition was to once again raise awareness, recruit members and raise funds to help the animals.

Getting into the Christmas spirit, everyone was wearing santa hats [except for a few] and there were lots of food on sale at the booth, mostly contributed by the members. Quite a number of volunteers also helped out with the sales and the face painting.

The event kicked off in the morning and lasted all the way to 8pm. We were also greeted by a man who usually dresses up his dog during festive seasons. He normally goes around town with the dog, but their sudden appearance at the exhibition had attracted a lot of people.

Credits to everyone who worked their socks off for the cause and making it a huge success. It was really inspiring to see the commitment of so many people to help for the cause and I'm sure there are many more people out there who would want to as well.

For more information about SPCA KK head on to the website here

Last but not least, im going to feature here a video from a friend of mine, Steffi Chong about Project for Awesome 2009.