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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Special: Sitting on a Lollipop

This is a remake of the idea that I had before. I never got the chance to post that one up before it was stolen so this is the new one. I think this version has better color than the old one and just like the previous one, my sister is the model :D

There are flaws in the photo, but I really wanted to finish it quickly so I didn't get to notice the finer details. :p

The idea for this edit was really simple. All I needed was to take a photo of a lollipop and a photo of my sister and put them together in photoshop. :p shadow was added for more realism.

Ive been waiting for ages to post this up and it should be the last post this year. It's been a crazy year, filled with ups and downs. Hopefully next year will be better for those who had a bad one and an even better one for those who had a great one.


Mahira K.M. said...

Whoa. I LOVE this one. The best I've seen what you've done actually (editing I mean) ;) Great Job Jer! :D