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Sunday, May 24, 2009


This morning as I was heading out to church with my family, we found a dead scorpion beside the car before leaving and we could only assume that our dog, Chester had somehow killed it because Happy, our other dog had been chained far away from the scorpion.

Exactly how he did it will remain a mystery to us. We're just lucky he wasn't stung by it, well he doesn't seem to have been stung but its night time now and he's still running around so I guess he's fine.

Ok just to be clear for some people who seem concerned about chaining dogs, we only chain the dogs when necessary, we know when to let them go


- when opening the front gate, so that they dont escape [and then let them go when the gate closes]

- at night or when we are not at home, we only chain Happy because shes small enough to squeeze through the fence and run out of the house compound.


adam k. said...

pretty. maybe something else killed it ;0

Jeremiah said...

maybe :)

MsMusicJunkie said...

u sure ur dogs alright right? didnt get stung? coz thats so dangerous yo!

Jeremiah said...

im sure yo :) haha its like the second day today and hes not showing any signs of being poisoned so hes fine