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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Portraiture: Teluk Likas

It's been days since I wanted to take a picture here in Teluk Likas, which quite recently has been beautified with lots of flowers and trees into a park where people come to have picnics or just to hang out.

Going past the place one day I noticed these pillars and I was inspired to take pictures there. We finally went there today and my sister volunteered to be the model. We didn't have much time, plus it was really hot in the afternoon. The shoot barely took 10 minutes when we left and this is my favourite one. :)


Alwyn said...

I want to go there too.. the problem is no trees.. kinda weird..

Jeremiah said...

well there are now... but they are not fully grown....still small

Melody said...

haha i noticed your sis is always ur model.. heheh.... wat happened to all the trees?

Jeremiah said...

that section never had much trees so they planted them but theyre still small