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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I see a Fisheye

First of all, I would like to register that this week has been one of the most boring weeks of my life. I have absolutely nothing to do. Well, a couple of assignments but even the questions to do the assignments are written wrongly, so theres no point in continuing until I get a corrected version.

Apart from that, Im going to have my very first photo shoot tomorrow (as in like, a hired shoot) so im pretty excited at the moment. Gotta be on my game ;)

The Picture above was taken with the Nikon D200 with a Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8 DX Fisheye Lens.

Heres a short definition of a fisheye lens from wikipedia:

In photography, a fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology to study cloud formation and called "whole-sky lenses", fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Hemispherical Photography is used for various scientific purposes to study plant canopy geometry and to calculate near-ground Solar Radiation.