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Friday, September 25, 2009


These are the pictures from the photo shoot for Olivia, Affiq, and Wendy. There were actually more pictures that I would have loved to edit but these are the ones that came out the best.

Before the shoot I promised myself to do the shoot under natural light without any help from reflectors because I remembered thats how I love to shoot photos.

The photo shoot was done in the park that was recently built in Likas Bay. The main theme for it was, just as the post title suggests, Transparent. The Items that were modeled had to be transparent.

Ikhwan, Bernard, my sister Cheryl, and Joanna (who lent me her new DSLR for this shoot) were also at the shoot. It was quite hazy when we arrived. It wasn't long after we started the shoot that we began to really feel the heat of the sun.

We wrapped up the shoot before 11am. We were so lucky we decided to go in the morning because at 12 noon, It rained pretty heavily. ;p It was pretty fun altogether, but lying on the grass gave rashes to some of us. haha

Made a new watermark too :p not sure if it looks good tho...