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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The End for Now

Hi all... im not posting any pictures here now because... well there isnt anything to post. Its 12am now and I am so exhausted. [Please bear with this because this is a long story]

Few hours ago tonight... while I was at church attending a prayer group, something happened. As we were leaving the room, someone was saying "somebody's car got broken into!" and then was saying out my mums car number. I feared the worst. I had left my laptop and my DSLR in the car while I was in the church. I ran towards where the car was parked and there were two police men talking to a lady and when I looked at my mums car, the back window had been opened and the space where I had left my things were empty. I felt numb. I didnt know what to think. ALL my schoolwork, photos, memories, all were in that laptop. It didnt really sink in after a couple of minutes and I had realised that tears were rolling down my face.

Its a little too late for "why did you leave it in the car?" I was asking myself the same question. Earlier before we left the house I noticed I had grabbed my laptop and my camera with me into the car because I had an uneasy feeling. I actually didnt want to go out tonight because I felt strange. Probably out of paranoia since the last time my house was broken into, I never liked to leave my stuff at home. But this time, I took it for granted that I was in the church so I felt it was safe to leave the stuff on the floor the car, hidden only in the shadows. Truth was really, This week I have been quite forgetful because there has been so much going on, I cant really think straight at times.

I asked the lady that the police men were talking to "what happened?" and she told me that the thief had also broken into her car. The worst part is, she was all alone after she helped clean up the church canteen and was searching for her car key when the thief had approached her with a knife and threatened her to hand over her hand bag. She gave the hand bag to the man and the man drove off in a white Toyota Avanza. She didnt catch the plate number because it was too dark. I was thinking, thank God she didnt get stabbed. I later discovered at the police station that she was the mother of a friend of mine. What a coincidence.


I got home after the police report and I had already changed every email, facebook, etc. password that I know of.

Well now Im not sure what to do next. Just wait and see maybe. I hope I can sleep tonight. I just thank God nobody got hurt.

Till next time then. :(


MsMusicJunkie said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww j!!! im soo soo sorry to hear that!!! feel better soon okay?? make more memories again and save up more money to get an even better camera! :) im not so good with the comforting words but seriously,i hope you're feeling better k..

bernard klassen said...

ui i cari the guy that. you lek only.

Jeremiah said...

thanks wynna :')

black magic woman said...


all things can be replaced..except life..i am thankful that u guys are unharmed.

and who knows..the things replaced might even be better.. ;-)


Jeremiah said...

thanks berns and che che :) heheh