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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kingston SDHC Ad

Again, I made an ad for the a SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card that I just bought two days ago at the PC Fair in the Sabah Trade Center. The morning I arrived there, It was jam packed with people waiting in front of the door even before it was open. It took me a couple of rounds around the place before I found a booth that sells SDHC cards so I just bought it from there.

Finally now I can take more RAW pictures without having to worry about not having enough space for other photos :)

SDHC(Secure Digital High Capacity) Cards come in different speeds which are divided into three classes:
Class 2 - guaranteed minimum DataTransferRate 2MB/sec.
Class 4 - guaranteed minimum DataTransferRate 4MB/sec.
Class 6 - guaranteed minimum DataTransferRate 6MB/sec.
[Note: Sandisk Extreme III SDHC Cards can go up to 30mb/s]

The SDHC Card above was taken on a piece of white paper and then edited with Adobe Photoshop.