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Friday, August 28, 2009


I felt so annoyed that I didnt have a DSLR handy when I spotted the moon like this. I had to borrow my mum's Nikon Coolpix compact camera to take this picture. I think the exposure was about 1 second at ISO 800. Look at all the noise. If only I could have set the camera shutter to 2 seconds at least, then I didnt have to set such high ISO. [compact cameras usually dont allow manual exposure settings]

In the five minutes that I tried to get a clear shot of the moon, I propped the camera on the car roof as sort of a stabiliser. It took so many shots and this was the clearest one. Even so, the moon is still slightly misshapen because of the movement of my hands. After five minutes, the clouds around the moon had shifted and gradually dissapeared.

Anyways, I still like the picture. It was such a starry night :)