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Friday, August 7, 2009

Trip To Manukan Island

A few days ago, I went to Manukan Island. It was my first time there XD and it was also my first time on a speedboat :p it was fun, though it was a really bumpy ride. The island isnt really what I expected it to be... there were so many people there. I sort of expected it to be almost empty, and the beach to be a little bigger. Also, I dont think the RM4 spent on a plain "cheese" sandwich from the island food stall was really worth it. The weather was really hazy, you could just make out the parasailers on the nearby island. They looked like colorful UFOs :D

That said, the island was quite relaxing, The breeze made me feel sleepy though it could have been caused by something in the haze... There were tourists playing soccer there. I felt like joining them, but then I realised I was the only person in the island wearing long trousers. [I dont even remember why I considered wearing long trousers to an island]

Oh yeah! and there were these two really miserable old ladies, no doubt related, who kept rudely shoving me out of their way as if there was no more space to walk. I mean, like come on, was it really impossible to say the words "excuse me". Everytime they went past me they deemed it necessary to just shove me out of their way even until we were back in KK. I wont deny that I had a sudden urge to just shove the both of them into the sea. hahahahaha. just kidding. ahem...

Anyways, these are the photos from the Island :) Kinda lost for inspiration, didnt come up with too many ideas for poses. I got really bored after the shoot and started drawing random stuff in the sand.

Model: Mona Isley


black magic woman said...

yeah..we should've push them nasty ladies in the jetty.*evil grins*

Jeremiah said...

hahaha... *evil grins*