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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perseid Meteor Shower

Looking up at the sky with my neighbor on the roof of his house this morning at around 1.10am , with my camera set on a tripod, we began scanning the skies just staring for any sign of the meteor shower. Whether or not it is viewable in Malaysia, we dont know, but we just kept looking, taking pictures of the sky in the hopes that one of those meteors might make its appearance in the frame.

We started talking about ghost stories because we got bored after the first half hour. The clouds cleared up and more stars came into view. There were more stars in the images than we thought we saw in the sky.

In the end, at around 2.30am we called it quits and decided to go back inside to get some shut eye. We never got to see any of the meteors and got no pictures of them in the end. Just a couple of pictures of stars and the view from the roof. :)

Maybe there will be some that will make their appearance over the next few days and hopefully I can snap an image of one.

Update: We were staring at the wrong part of the sky... we were facing west and south most of the time because the north was blocked by the house and roof so we couldnt get any shots in that direction.