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Sunday, August 23, 2009

You'll Never Break Me

No thief can stop me. Yeah okay im very sad my laptop and my DSLR got stolen. Its not going to be the end of my photography. Far from it. My passion aint stolen :). Some day the thief will regret it. Because what goes around, comes around. :)

This is a photo I took [with the Canon EOS 1000d] last year of my neighbor, Bernard Klassen. I never really got to post it because I had forgotten all about it. It was buried in the desktop at home which I currently have to use now. The editing was inspired by advertising posters that I see around shopping malls. :)

Im temporarily being lent a Nikon D200. My blog lives on. :)

Photos from the D200 will be in the next post :)


NatVee said...

YAAAY!:D the blog lives on:):):)

Jeremiah said...

hehe :):):)