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Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Eye In The Sky

It seems like every time that there is a power cut, I go outside to take a picture of the sky. Truth is, I was talking to my neighbor outside because the whole neighborhood was engulfed in darkness, so there was no point staying inside doing nothing. We looked up at the moon and noticed it was creating this sort of colorful halo.

I went back inside the house, grabbed my camera and a tripod and began to take pictures. it was difficult to get a proper exposure of the moon, halo and clouds, because the moon was immensely bright, it hugely overexposed in slow shutters.

I thought of another way to get around the problem by taking a few exposures and rendering an HDR image of it. It was only taken with three exposures so the moon is still slightly overexposed, but at least the clouds got decent exposure as well.