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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reflector Fun

This is a photo of my neighbor [Francis]. He wanted a new profile picture so we set out searching for a perfect spot around the neighborhood and eventually stopped at a patch of grass near the basketball court. We actually took this picture a couple of weeks ago but I kinda forgot to post it.

We used a shiny car screen [you know, those things you use to cover the car windows inside when its really bright and hot outside] as a reflector. It was so shiny it was really hard to get a photo without Francis squinting his eyes. I don't blame him because when the sun is reflected back onto your face, its blinding and you can actually feel the heat on your face.

But then there's way of overcoming this problem, just tell the person you are trying to photograph to close his/her eyes and tell them to open them when you count to three and take the picture. That way you can get natural looking photos. I just like using reflectors cause it adds sort of a punch to photos, and works well as a fill light and also because I don't have a Flash Gun/Speedlite.

The first photo was converted to black and white in the RED color channel.
The second photo was cross-processed in Adobe Photoshop to get blue shadows.