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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saturday Shoot

I should have posted this earlier. hahaha. But I have been busy...

This is a shoot Ki Choy and I planned last Saturday. We are horribly inexperienced in this but we decided we should just go out and try. The only other lighting we had besides the sun was a reflector that I made out of aluminium foil and a board of polisterine.

Gosh, polisterine really does NOT stick to most of the adhesives I know... I think those flat double sided tapes should work. The reason why I made one was because I dont really have Rm100 to buy those round, collapsible, alot more easier to transport reflectors... not yet at least.

anyways, well, I was happy about the day, but of the hundred over pictures I took, I was quite dissapointed because only a few made it... well thats what usually happens but somehow I feel that I wasnt really on my game last saturday.

Models were Joanna and my sister Cheryl. Thanks to them because they were nice enough to volunteer :) Ikhwan joined the shoot later on and took some nice pictures as well :) we ended the shoot at Easy Way in Lintas, Drinking some ice blended drinks after such a hot sunny day.