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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Legend of Ki Choy

I was going to title this "Crouching Ki Choy hidden Ikhwan", or "Anak Bruce Lee" or something like that but I decided not to. LOL.

Anyways this was taken during the Yayasan photo shoot. I used Ki Choy's Canon EOS 40D for this shot... It was fun using the continuous mode at 6.5 fps lol... I only just got the photo from him.

I know the kick looks insanely high... well yeah... it really is.... but the height was achieved by running across and jumping off the underside of an overturned boat which was sitting about 3 to 4 feet high.

It's been a strange week... my midterm tests and quiz was surprisingly not as hard as I expected... but my scores are yet to be seen :p I just gotta make it through the coming weeks till the final exams are over then I will be freeeee for the rest of the year :D

I still cant wait for Christmas :)