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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unitar SIDMA College Annual Dinner 2009 (Sutera Harbour Pan Pacific Grand Ballroom)

These are the photos from the Unitar SIDMA College Annual Dinner 2009, themed: Hollywood Red Carpet. Unfortunately, I cant display the photos during the dinner because they are meant to be sold to the students who want them.

The good thing is, there's these photos which I can upload here. The first two photos were taken before the dinner, and the rest were taken after. Sort of like a photo shoot lol, There are more photos, I haven't edited one or two more which I might update to this post another day.

During the event, we planned to take portraits of students before they went in, but the only problem was, our proposal for lighting equipment was not approved and it turns out that our club has to raise its own funds for lighting equipment.

We instantly had nothing to use because raising those kind of funds on our own would take a really long time. The only alternative that the Sutera Harbour management could provide was a row of four spotlights to take the portraits. I know it sounds tacky AND cheap but that's all we could get.

Don't get me wrong, because those are the best darn four spotlights I have ever used to take portraits. hahahahaha, honestly! The rest of the photography crew also did a wonderful job, capturing the best of the dinner.

The food was great, although I didn't fancy the tough black pepper lamb. The performances that night was fantastic and kudos to the organizing committee for working so hard to make the dinner a huge success.