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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shoot that Garden

This week has just been one of those totally random and long weeks... It seems like last monday was ages away and exams here to stay. hahaha random rhyming with bad timing. Anyways tomorrow I have midterm exam for two subjects, I have to pass up my group assignment for history class, and I have yet to properly memorise for the exams tommorow.

Church today was entertaining, I fell asleep during the Homily, the priest was oddly skipping past syllables which made the sentences sound completely broken; I think that he was in a rush for something, I sang some parts of the hymns off key, which made my mum laugh.

When I got home, I was chatting with steffers about today when the subject about cracks had suddenly emerged. She's so excited about the avatar movie, [The Last Airbender] and im pretty sure jedi knights came into the conversation at one point (not literally).


The pictures above were taken yesterday around my house garden (except for the last one which was taken a week ago). I shoot photos of random stuff when I run out of inspiration. :)